I have recently started a postdoc in the Department of Quantum Science at the Australian National University, as part of the Centre of Excellence for Engineered Quantum Systems, where I am working on developing laser systems for communication to aircraft and spacecraft, quantum key distribution for secure cryptography, and tracking and manoeuvring of space junk.

Laser communications will enable much higher bandwidth data links to and from aircraft and spacecraft, including space probes exploring the solar system. Quantum key distribution via laser links to satellites will be crucial to the security of global communications when the advent of advanced quantum computers threatens current cryptographic techniques. And better tracking of space junk, along with the ability to use powerful lasers to push the space junk, will help prevent catastrophic collisions between the ever increasing amount of defunct hardware orbiting overhead.

All of these applications require the development of systems that allow lasers to be beamed cleanly through the turbulent atmosphere.

Previously, my PhD research involved the development of stabilized reference frequency transfer systems for the Square Kilometre Array telescope. Stabilized transmission systems are required to synchronize the thousands of radio antennas in the array to the ultra-high precision required for them to act together as one giant telescope, and be able to peer deeper into the cosmos than ever before, allowing astronomers to study the first stars and galaxies that formed in our universe.

You can read about my PhD research here, or listen to me talking about my work on 3-Minute Thesis, ABC Radio National, and The Naked Scientists.


Invited talks and colloquia

Slides for my invited talks and colloquia are available here.

Media releases

Technical reports

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