Speaking & Outreach

Sharing Research

“Communication is not something you add on to science; it is of the essence of science.” – Alan Alda

As scientists it is imperative that we share our research, not just with each other, but with the public in order to educate, excite, and explain to them what it is we do and why we do it. I take every opportunity to share my science with anyone who will listen.

Follow me on twitter @DRG_physics, or check out my YouTube channel. My UWA research profile is available here.

Public Presentations and Outreach

  • A Matter of Time — talk about my SKA research to the Astronomical Group of WA
  • Pluto: the oddball, presented to the UWA Students Passionate About Celestial Exploration (SPACE) club
  • Pint of Science 2017 Perth – To the Edge of the Universe
  • School visit – Perth Modern School Science Club, talked to students about my research and science careers
  • Origami Microscope outreach session for high school students at ICOB 2017
  • Vaguely Accurate Science podcast — interview on my research with VA
  • Pluto: the oddball, presented at Astrofest 2017
  • The History of Radio Astronomy — invited talk to the Astronomical Society of WA
  • Antarctica Flights physics demonstrations – magnetism and cosmic ray science demonstrations for high school students aboard Antarctica Flights trip from Perth (Twitter story, ICRAR press release, Gizmodo article, RiAus blog, ABC radio interviewRTRFM interview)
  • ConocoPhillips Science Experience  – repeat of 3-minute thesis for high school students at UWA’s Summer Science Experience
  • From here to the edge of the universe – invited talk on the Square Kilometre Array at TEDxUWA November 2016
  • Pluto: the oddball – invited talk on Pluto and New Horizons to the Astronomical Society of WA
  • Competed in 3-Minute Thesis in 20142015 and 2016 – reached UWA finals in all years and came second in 2014
  • Phantastic Physics on Snapchat – hosted a weekly segment on UWA’s Snapchat account (uwastudents) demonstrating/explaining interesting physics experiments in a short format
  • Student Talks in Research 2016 – presented status of UWA’s SKA frequency stabilization system research and development during UWA Research Week
  • Perth Science Festival 2016 – Science Week presentation on Einstein and General Relativity
  • School visit – Shenton College, talked to year 9’s about careers in science and physics
  • What is Sound? – video entry to the 2016 Flame Challenge, run by the Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science, to explain “What is Sound?” to 11-year olds. My video was voted into the top 25.
  • Detection of Gravitational Waves – invited talk giving an overview of the history and detection of Gravitational Waves to first-year physics students at UWA (PHYS1001)
  • UWA International Agents Meeting – 3-Minute Thesis style presentation to representatives at UWA International Agents Meeting
  • Pluto: the oddball – presentation on Pluto and New Horizons given to volunteers at the Perth Observatory
  • Parliament house dinner – reprised my 2015 3-Minute Thesis presentation for MPs at a state parliament thank you dinner hosted by UWA
  • Pluto: last but not least – a presentation to the Geological Survey of Western Australia on the history and science of Pluto following the New Horizons flyby
  • Gingin Science Festival – gave presentations on atomic clocks, signal stabilization, space sciences, and stellar nucleosynthesis
  • Keeping Clocks Accurate – Interview with The Naked Scientists podcast
  • Perth Science Festival 2015 – Science Week presentation on atomic clocks, signal stabilization and space sciences
  • Competed in FameLab 2015 –  reached the Australian finals
  • School visit – Perth Modern School, talked to year 10’s about signal stabilization and the Square Kilometre Array
  • Radio National Interview – short, 2 minute piece about my work on ABC radio
  • Student Talks in Research 2014 – presented my honours research on variable geometry blades for wind turbines at the UWA Postgraduate Student Association’s STiR event
  • Science Union 3MT – participated in the the UWA Science Union’s 2014 3-Minute Thesis competition
  • Space Capsule Exhibit – designed, built and installed the popular space capsule centrifuge exhibit at the Gingin Gravity Discovery Centre in 2013

Press releases and other media

It separates the men from the boys.

Space Capsule Centrifuge exhibit at the Gravity Discovery Centre